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Royal Highness

Your Highness, we have an astonishing package made just for you that does not only include the day of the Royal Ball but also the day of your trial and your Photo Session

In this magical package you will be coming to our fabulous studio in Anaheim & will be receiving an absolute
Glam Airbrush Makeup
24 hour  long lasting, Water and sweat resistant .
 The trial makeup session includes 2 different eye looks, to see what compliments your sparkly & 
dreamy eyes!
You will be treated like the highness you are! We will arrive at your house or hotel, You will be receiving an elegant & 
Silky pink Princess robe 
you can not only look cute while getting ready but will also be super comfy! 
-We will start with pampering & prepping your beautiful skin and make it look fresh and glowy with a hydrating and delightful 
Facial mask!
-meanwhile the face mask is working in its magic your Artist will be starting
 The Hairstyle of your choice
 and making sure it’s going to be secure and locked throughout the day! 
-Soon then our artist will be waving there magical airbrush gun and give you a 
Dashing flawless makeup look of your choice 
that will look stunning in your pictures!
  • Your Highness, on this day you don’t have to worry about coming to us, we will go to your photoshoot location as well to make sure you look amazing.
-once you are ready to leave to take your beautiful pictures our artist will be going with you so that she can make sure you look fab in every picture because you are a princess, your highness 👸🏻 
-We want to give you as many options as possible your highness so 
You will have the option to change  your look  right then and there 
once you got a few pics with your first look to give you more options how awesome is that? 💕✨
You will be receiving the exact same royal treatment the day of your Quinceanera dayl! 
We will be going to your house/hotel/venue!
How exciting is that? You are definitely going to get use to be treated like the princess that you are 👑
-The day of your Quinceanera we will also be going to your ball to touch you up for 2 hours in between dances, we will also be changing your look with a move of a magic wand  
Can’t wait to meet you and pamper you, your royal highness!    
Package Price $1,000
*Packages exclusively at Sexy Makeup Studio, you won't find anything like these anywhere else! We've been dedicated to Quinceanera for more than 10 years!
*Package includes 30 miles the day of phothoshoot and 30 miles the day of Qunceanera, if you exceed the miles call to get a quote. Our Artists travel Everywhere!

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