In this magical package not only is the Princess being pampered, but also the Queen! It is very important for both to sparkle & look absolutely fabulous for the royal ball. 
The Queen & Princess service begins with 2 Professional Makeup & Hair Artists making you feel comfortable by putting on you our Silky Pink Robe. 
They soon begin to pamper your skin with a delightful mini facial that includes a facial mask of your choice of the options we offer, As well as cleansing and preparing the skin so it can look and feel fresh and glowy before applying your makeup 
Meanwhile your skin is being pampered our Hair Artist begins to do your hair and style it with any hairstyle of your choice, and making sure your curls and hairstyle last all night long, so dance away with your guest, your hairstyle is staying put!
After your skin is being cared for our Makeup Artist begins to do your fabulous makeup, whether you are interested in something natural or something sparkly our artist will guarantee you look dashing for your ball using our favorite  Airbrush Makeup Technique that truly is like a magic wand and makes your makeup last all day and all night long and requires minimal touch meaning you don’t have to be leaving your ball to touch up because your makeup is staying if you sweat from all the dancing or get emotional it is Waterproof so no worries! With your service along comes mink eyelashes of your choice that give your makeup the finishing touch! Also you will have glowy looking skin on your chest and your shoulders, you definitely have to sparkle for the ball!  
You are all done, and when you look in the magic mirror... it won’t lie! The Queen & The Princess will be the fairest of them all! 
Oh don’t run off to the ball yet, without your makeup touch up kit, you will be getting a lipstick and a touch up powder sponge because it is included in your package!